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By Anthony J. Hickey, Timothy M. Crowder, Margaret D. Louey, Norman Orr

Exploring the expansion in wisdom of particle homes and the range of technological advances in particle manufacture, this ebook provides readers the instruments they should comprehend particulate technology and its use within the undefined. The authors conceal particulate fabric, its shape and construction, sampling from our bodies of powder, particle dimension descriptors and records, habit of debris, instrumental research, particle measurement dimension and synergy of followed suggestions, actual habit of a powder, and in vitro and in vivo functionality standards. They draw the parts of particulate technology right into a unmarried concise description in their integration within the context of product improvement.

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Cholesteric mesophases exhibit strong optical activity. Systems consisting of organic, often aromatic, elongated molecules form anisotropic liquids. ©2003 by Interpharm/CRC Press LLC  Crystalline Solids Crystals comprise a rigid lattice of molecules, atoms, or ions. The regularity of the internal structure of this solid body results in the crystal having characteristic shape (Jones and March 1973a, 1973b). The growth of most natural crystals has been restricted in one or more directions, resulting in exaggerated growth in other directions and giving rise to the so-called crystal habit (Tiwary 2001; Umprayn et al.

69:391– 394. Schulze, D. 1994. Storage, feeding, proportioning. In Powder technology and pharmaceutical processes, eds. D. Chulia, M. Deleuil, and Y. Pourcelot. Amsterdam: Elsevier. 285–317. , R. Rubsamen, P. Lloyd, and J. Lloyd. 1997. The AERx aerosol delivery system. Pharm. Res. 14:354–357. , and P. Luner. 2001. Determination of indomethacin crystallinity in the presence of excipients using diffuse reflectance near-infrared spectroscopy. Pharm. Dev. Tech. 6:573–582. , 1993. The blind ones and the matter of the elephant.

Flocculated particles are weakly bonded, settle rapidly, do not form a cake, and are easily resuspended. Deflocculated particles settle slowly, but form a hard cake that is difficult to resuspend (Martin 1993b). Thermal Analyses Thermogravimetric analysis and differential scanning calorimetry are the major forms of thermal analysis (Turi, Khanna, and Taylo 1988; Mackenzie 1970). Thermogravimetric analysis involves controlled heating of a sample to elevate its temperature while monitoring its mass using a microbalance.

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