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By Katsumi Kobayashi

Statistics performs a big function in pharmacology and comparable matters resembling toxicology and drug discovery and improvement. wrong statistical software choice for reading the information bought from reviews can result in wrongful interpretation of the functionality or defense of gear. This ebook communicates statistical instruments in basic language. The examples used are just like those who scientists stumble upon on a regular basis of their learn zone. The authors supply cognitive clues for number of acceptable instruments to research the information got from the stories and clarify tips on how to interpret the results of the statistical research.

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Peakedness of a distribution is depicted by kurtosis. A distribution can be ‘platykurtic’ or ‘leptokurtic’. Platykurtic is more Àat-topped and 24 A Handbook of Applied Statistics in Pharmacology leptokurtic is less Àat-topped. Usually platykurtic has long tails, whereas leptokurtic has short tails. In a leptokurtic distribution, the individual measures are concentrated near the mean, whereas in a platykurtic distribution, the individual measures are spread out across their range. Most of the results obtained from toxicity studies do not follow a normal distribution.

SE is considered as a measure of the precision of the sample mean (Altman and Bland, 2005). It provides an estimate of the uncertainty of the true value of the population mean (Everett, 2008). In simple words, SE measures the variation in the means of the samples. 82 Always pre¿x ± sign to SE. 6 CV is an excellent statistical tool that can be used to compare different analytical methods and performance of equipments. Since CV is independent of the scale of measurement, it can be used to compare variables measured on different scales (Daniel, 2007).

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