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By Jodi Huelin

It is time for this year's Pony Play! Cotton sweet is the director, and he or she will be operating a bit too difficult to make the play ideal. fortunately, she realizes little aid from her acquaintances is simply what it takes to place at the top convey ever!

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I still knew my name was Sylvia, but I don’t know if I could have been too sure about the year right then. My room number is 430, I told myself. No, hold on, that was my bus number. My room number is 304. No, that wasn’t right, either. My heart 48 Fo r k H o l l o w P r i m a r y S c h o o l was pounding and I couldn’t think. I’d only been at school for five minutes and I was already lost. I didn’t know what to do. ” I said. I looked around quickly to make sure nobody was paying me any mind. I needed to stop talking out loud to myself.

Oh, and Momma ’cause she wasn’t there. Lord, I thought, I can’t be mad at you, but I feels like I should. I didn’t know who to blame. 60 The Friends Department Miz Lula Maye was still talkin’ to her cats. “I know what might perk up Sylvia,” she said, and she popped up out of her chair. I sat down at the table again real quick. Every time she moves fast like that, like somebody young, it scares me. People her age ought to move slow. “Sylvia, baby, your birthday is comin’. ” said Miz Lula Maye. ” I almost knocked over my glass of tea.

She asked. I snapped up straight again. ” Miz Lula Maye pinched at my cheeks. “Sylvia, childs, money don’t grow on trees. Wish it did, but you know for yourself how hard your momma works. Colored folks ’round here has always had to work extra hard to get anyplace. Me and your daddy made a deal. I agreed to pay for his college tuition, and he paid for his books, food, clothes, and whatever else he wanted. So in other words, your daddy did what he had to do to go to college. ” Miz Lula Maye put her arms around me and gave me a big hug.

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