Administrative Assistant's and Secretary's Handbook (4th by Kevin Wilson, Jennifer Wauson, James Stroman PDF

By Kevin Wilson, Jennifer Wauson, James Stroman

From dealing with the telephones, coordinating conferences, and getting ready displays to making plans occasions, crafting transparent enterprise communications, and interpreting criminal records, administrative assistants have to be every little thing to each person, forever. lengthy the most appropriate for workplace execs trying to enhance their functionality and improve their worth to employers, this entire guidebook is the definitive resource of data on themes together with: growing pictures, charts, and shows; Microsoft notice, Excel, Outlook, and writer; net conferencing; digital and paper submitting platforms; Recordkeeping; examine talents; shuttle preparations; assembly making plans and administration; enterprise math; laptop and software program troubleshooting; and masses extra. greatly up to date, the 5th version of the executive Assistant's and Secretary's instruction manual comprises new info on home windows eight, Microsoft workplace 2013, Apple OS, cellular computing, facts protection, Google Calendar, Google force, Google medical doctors, and Microsoft internet purposes. Today's administrative jobs are difficult and regularly altering. the newest version of this best-selling advisor may help execs all over pop out on most sensible

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