Lee Brimmicombe-Wood's Aliens - Colonial Marines Technical Manual PDF

By Lee Brimmicombe-Wood

The USA Colonial Marines. final troubleshooters built with cutting-edge firepower, in a position to strength projection around the sizeable expanse of deep area. they could sharpshoot a guy at 1000 meters or obliterate a whole global from the security of orbit. They reckon they're unbeatable.

But on a dirtball colony planet recognized merely as LV-426 the unthinkable occurs.

The Marines lose.

The 'Aliens - Colonial Marines Technical Manual' is your respectable advisor to the apparatus and enterprise of the U.S. Colonial Marine Corps. filled with diagrams, technical schematics and plans, the handbook takes an in depth examine the weapons, autos and ships of the USCMC, and the boys and ladies who use them.

A must-have ebook for any 'Aliens' fan, the 'Aliens - Colonial Marines Technical Manual' examines the know-how of the movie's futuristic nightmare in each element.

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