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By J. J. Vreuls, A. J. H. Louter (auth.), Prof. Dr. H.-J. Stan (eds.)

Public crisis is being more and more directed to insecticides and their residues in flooring and floor waters. Water - one of many must haves of lifestyles - needs to be stored fresh for guy and the surroundings. half I and II of this ebook describe in an authoritative method all features of contemporary research of insecticides in water by means of the ensuing use of hyphenated ideas like GC-AED or HPLC-MS.

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12. SPE-TD-GC-FID chromatogram of 1 ml water sample containing 10 Jlg/ I of (1) toluene, (2) ethylbenzene, (3) methoxybenzene, (4) p-dichlorobenzene, (5) 2,6-dimethylphenol, (6) 2,6 dimethylaniline, (7) p-chloroanaline, (8) indole, (9) 2,6-dichlorobenzonitrile, (10) 2,4,5-trichlorophenol, (11) p-dinitrobenzene, (12) trifuralin, (13) atrazine, (14) phenanthrene. Introduction rate, 100 JlI / min; PTV initial temperature, 30 °C [Reprinted with permission from Ref. J. Vreuls et al. 4 Open Tubular Trap-GC (OTT-GC) An alternative means for trapping the analytes by SPE is to trap them in the coating of a short piece of a capillary GC column.

However modest levels of S-containing compounds produce a signal in the P channel causing interferences whenever such compounds are present. Also the NPD is sensitive for both P and N, but it cannot distinguish between these elements. The AED monitors only P when analyzing for this element, and there are no interferences from S, N or other elements because of the selectivity value for the element of P listed in Table I. Typical AED chromatograms for strawberry analysis are illustrated in Fig. I.

III CII cr 80 60 40 20 ~ , 0 , 114 N Water extract (tire f ire) 112 110 CII III 108 c 8. 106 III CII cr 104 102 100 98 180 C Water extract (tire fire l 160 140 120 CII :g 100 0 a. III

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