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By Duncan B Campbell

Когда тактика осады стала неотъемлемым условием успеха в войне, генералы перед инженерами и учеными поставили задачу разработать тактику, прорыва обороны и блокады города с помощью фокусов и обмана. Это увлекательное исследование отслеживает изменения в тактике осады от Древней Персии (6 веке до н. э.) до осад, осуществляемых Римом 2-й век до нашей эры), описывая широкий спектр оборудования и техники, которые использовались в этот период.

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Instead of being praised for saving an army of twenty thousand men, Tiberius was in danger of being prosecuted for being one of the officers who had got that army into danger in the first place. Only the intervention of Scipio Aemilianus saved Tiberius from the fate of his commanding officer, who was delivered in chains to the Celtiberians. The treaty to which Tiberius had pledged his word and his honour was unequivocally repudiated. Having got its army back safely, the senate saw no reason not to continue its war against the people who had spared it.

Given the tens of thousands that perished in the process, it is unlikely that Polybius would have taken much satisfaction in bring proven right. The above analysis is of necessity abbreviated and simplistic, but accurate. It provides a skeleton that this book will flesh out, so that the events of 91–81 BC can be seen not as a series of unrelated convulsions but as the violent resolution of a political process that eventually destroyed the Roman Republic. Chapter 1 Prelude to Cataclysmic Adjustment The disaster of 91 BC did not come as a bolt from the blue.

Those Italians who wished to remain independent of the Roman body politic, proposed Flaccus, should have the right of appeal against ‘tyrannical’ decisions by Roman magistrates. Many Italians had already taken the shortest route to the citizenship possible. Once dispossessed from their land they had moved to Rome, and after dwelling in the city for a number of years they applied to the censors for permission to be considered for Roman citizenship. While waiting, they made a point of turning up at political assemblies and heckling speakers whom they considered unsympathetic to their cause.

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