Read e-book online Artillery Equipments of the Napoleonic Wars (Men-at-arms 96) PDF

By T.Wise

Forty стр, около forty черно-белых фотографий и русунков, eight цветных вкллек.
Выпуск посвящен артиллерии времен Наполеоновских войн.
Дан внешний вид орудий, основные боеприпасы, конструкция лафетов, передков, конской упряжи, положение орудия во время перевозки, вспомогательное оборудование (зарядные ящики, телеги, полевые кузницы) и т.п.
Много фотографий орудий и снаряжения из музейных коллекций.

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The crew had unbolted the mounted weapons from Charlie One Two—they were held fast by metal pins—and tossed them onto Gruneisen’s tank. Hernandez now had an M-240-Charlie, a medium machine gun, from the burning tank. It was a crew-served weapon—the C stood for cyclic—but also capable of being fired by one soldier. 62mm ammunition as the coax, and with astonishing speed—five hundred rounds a minute. As the tank clanked up the highway, Hernandez, half-laying, half-squatting, shot from the hip. He pumped round after round into the bunker—hundreds of them.

Suddenly, the entire turret was spinning wildly. The four men inside were pressed against the turret walls, paralyzed, pasted in place by centrifugal force. Diaz had the same helpless, out-of-body sensation he had felt as a kid on the gravity ride at the carnival. They kept spinning, spinning. 50-caliber machine gun. It had snapped off at impact. He rode the turret around and around, his hand in the air. Loose pieces of equipment were flying around with them. They spun and spun, fifteen spins, twenty spins.

He tried to focus. He was under fire, worrying about the antiaircraft guns, talking on the radio, checking his Plugger, glancing down at the map, searching for highway signs to the airport. He had been following blue AIRPORT signs all the way up Highway 8, with their distinctive white airplane symbols, but now black smoke from a burning Iraqi personnel carrier obscured the entire cloverleaf. In the web of overpasses and off-ramps, Ball found the ramp he wanted, despite the smoke, and stayed to the right.

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