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It is also possible to fire ERFB projectiles, although South Korean battenes usually make use of the M549 HEPA (high explosive rocket assisted) projectile which can reach a range of 30000 metres. The standard range HE Ml 07 is mm firing 155 given as 22000 metres. 05 m Length firing: 9 55 range: HE 22000 m, HERA 30000 Muzzle velocity: 826 m/s Projectile weight: HE 43 9 kg Max m Depression/elevation: 0°/+68 6° Traverse: 48 7° A clandestine photograph of the 105 mm KH I 79 Howitzer in firing position.

Using rocket assisted projectiles (RAP, also known as HERA - high explosive rocket assisted), such as the M548, the maximum range is increased to 18000 m. Also fired are M327 HEP projectiles for anti-armour operations. The KH178 pieces M546 still is one of the few artillery intended for use with the anti-personnel projectile which breaks open to release 8000 tiny flechettes with devastating results at both long and short ranges. A rare photograph Specification First of the 1 OS mm KH 178 Light Howitzer.

The 2A36 fires a family - projectiles. A reported streamlined separate-loading ammunition shared only by the selfpropelled 2S5 including, at one period, a tactical nuclear projectile. Other rounds include a FRAG-HE (the most of widely used, weighing 46 kg), concretepiercing, incendiary, and chemical (now withdrawn). For direct fire use against armoured targets the 2A36 fires an armour-piercing round. Specification First First prototype: early 1970s production; 1975-1976 Current users: CIS, Finland and Iraq Crew: 8 Weight in action: 9760 kg m 12 3 m Barrel length: 8 Length firing: 1 97 Width travelling: 2 788 m Max range: FRAG-HE 27000 m; RAP 40000 m Muzzle velocity: approx 800 m/s FRAG-HE 46 kg Depression/elevation: -2 5°/+57° Traverse: 50° Projectile weight: 152 mm Gun 2A36 on display in St Petersburg.

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