Asymptotic Approaches in Nonlinear Dynamics: New Trends and - download pdf or read online

By Jan Awrejcewicz, Igor V. Andrianov, Leonid I. Manevitch

This ebook covers advancements within the concept of oscillations from diversified viewpoints, reflecting the fields multidisciplinary nature. It introduces the cutting-edge within the concept and numerous functions of nonlinear dynamics. It additionally deals the 1st therapy of the asymptotic and homogenization tools within the concept of oscillations together with Pad approximations. With its wealth of fascinating examples, this e-book will end up necessary as an advent to the sector for rookies and as a reference for experts.

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Now, consider the first unstable zone (n = 1). 37) _ a(l,O) X(O,I) _ a(O,l) x(O,O) X(O,I) (X(I,O») 2 _ cos 2t cos 2t, 3 ( x(O,O») 2 x(2,0) _ a(2,1) x(O,O) _a(1,I)x(I,O) _ a(0,l)x(2,0) _ a(O,I)x(1,O) cos2t _ a(2,0)x(0,1) _x(O,1)a(I,O) cos 2t - x(l,I)a(I,O) - X(I,I) cos 2t , Let us assume the initial conditions x(t = 0) = A o, x(t = 0) = B o. 37) we obtain x(O,O) = A o cost + B o sin t. 37), from the condition of avoiding the secular terms, we get: lOa (1,0) = and B o = 0 0 and A o = O. Let us consider the first case: then X(I,O) _ or 2 a(I,O) = 1~ A o cos 3t and, taking into account the third equation, we have -!

6) 2. 5 Fig. 5. Amplitude (a) and phase (b) versus w for different values of h In the third example (Fig. 8) where. L = ~o' 4'(r) = w 2 cos 2r - TW 2 cos 4r. Lcosr)x =0. 10). c) b) a) Fig. 6. Mathematical pendulum with a periodically changed length L(t) (a), with the periodic movement of the fixed point 0 (b), and with anharmonic periodic excitation (c) estimate analytically the (a, ,) values for which the system possesses a 41rperiodic solution. We are looking for the following solution x(r,l-t) = xo(r) + I-txI(r) + 1-t2x2(r) a(l-t) = ao + I-tal + 1-t2a2 + ....

50) a constant. 51 ) and both ao and eo are defined by the initial conditions. 6) we take only the terms a = cAl (a), q; = 00 + cBl(a). 1). 3 Equivalent Linearization jj + 2he(a)y + a; (a)y = O(e). 4) We call the above equation the equivalent linear approximation to the nonlinear equation. Q(acosrJt,-aoosinrJt)SinrJtdrJt, o 271' Oe(a) = 00 - e 21T"o oa ! Q(a cos rJt, -aao sin rJt) cos rJt drJt. 1) we have y = a cos rJt - arP sin rJt. 2) will take the form a = -ahe(a). 9) rP = ae(a). 10) y = -ahe cos rJt - aae sin rJt.

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