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The second Heidi unlatched the wooden gate on the side of the wagon, the “losers” busted out like stampeding bulls. Claire and Layne held hands and laughed hysterically while they ran, moving as fast as their matching steel-toed hiking boots could take them, which wasn't very fast at all. Layne's friends Meena and Heather ran along beside them. Massie, Alicia, Dylan, and Kristen trailed behind. They had no interest in pumpkins, picking, or soil. ” Massie asked. “Hmmm, lemme guess,” Dylan said. ” “Nope,” Massie said.

Hey, I thought we were supposed to be celebrating,” Jay Lyons said. ” He pinched a piece of yellow cake off his plate and held it under the table for Bean. Massie watched with satisfaction as her fit and trim puppy turned her tiny black nose up at the offer. She patted her thigh and Bean ran to her. “Daddy, I didn't mean to ruin your party,” Massie said to William. ” She reached down and straightened the drooping turquoise feather boa around Bean's neck. ” “Of course I remember, honey,” William said.

Claire asked. She didn't care about waitresses or podiums or scaredy cats. The only things she wanted at this party were boys and treats. ” Landon turned her head slowly to face Claire. ” Claire asked. “Ignore her,” Massie instructed Landon. ” Landon pulled a shiny gold business card out of a case and handed it to Claire. ” she asked. Claire looked at Massie. Massie shrugged. Claire looked at the business card. ’” “Right,” Landon said. Her eyes were closed. ” And with that Landon gathered her things and tossed her lipstick-covered Starbucks cup in the trash.

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