New PDF release: Bicycle Repair Manual (Revised and Updated Edition)

By Chris Sidwells

From mountain motorcycles and highway racers to hybrids, the Bicycle fix Manual is helping riders preserve their motorcycles in top . excellent for novices and committed cyclists alike, this up-to-date advisor to bicycle fix contains the most recent technological advances in biking, troubleshooting charts, tricks and tips for diagnosing and challenge, and servicing schedules.

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When the rider pushes the inner shift lever inward, the ratchet mechanism’s hold is released and the pull on the cable ceases. Lever hood Attaches the levers to the handlebar Ratchet mechanism Holds the cable Cable inner Controls derailleur Inner shift lever Releases the cable Cable housing Counteracts the cable pull Brake lever Pulls the cable 45 46 MAINTAINING YOUR TRANSMISSION • CABLES AND SHIFTERS Drop handlebar gear cables Keeping gear cables clean and lubricated, and replacing them if they fray, is very important for smooth shifting.

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