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By Warren W. Burggren (editor), Brian R. McMahon (editor)

Curiosity in land crabs has burgeoned as biologists have more and more involved in the evolution of terrestriality. ahead of the book of this quantity in 1988, there were no unmarried complete resource of knowledge to serve biologists attracted to the various elements of terrestrial decapod crustacean. Biology of the Land Crabs used to be the 1st synthesis of modern and normal findings on brachyuran and anomuran crustaceans that experience advanced various levels of version for all times on land. Chapters by means of prime researchers take a coordinated evolutionary and comparative method of systematics and evolution, ecology, behaviour, replica, progress and molting, ion and water stability, respiratory and circulate, and energetics and locomotion. each one discusses how terrestrial species became tailored from ancestral freshwater or marine kinds. With its vast bibliography and complete index, together with the common background of approximately 80 species of brachyuran and anomuran crabs, Biology of the Land Crabs will stay a useful reference for researchers and complex scholars.

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Most of the species of Uca, and some species of Ocypode, occur intertidally and are active only at low water. However, others occur supra tidally and may show considerable terrestrial adaptation. Those species occurring supratidally in the genera Ucides, Uca, and Ocypode will now be considered in more detail. i. Ucides. Ucides occur on both coasts of the Americas. Rathbun (1918) considered there were separate species, U. cordatus (Linnaeus) on the Atlantic side and U. occidentalis (Ortmann) on the Pacific.

Milne Edwards) extends to above high-water springs, and is also mainly nocturnal (Hartnoll, 1976). In the Marshall Islands E. sebana is active at the supralittoral fringe, where it has been seen to prey on Coenobita (Reese, 1969). G. Gecarcinidae This family is generally referred to as the "land crabs," but although all of its members show distinct terrestrial adaptations, they do not necessarily include the most completely adapted species. For example, whatever the degree of terrestriality of the adult, the eggs of all species have to be hatched in the sea, where the larvae undergo a normal planktonic development.

Planatus digs burrows in coral sand, which usually remains damp but does not contain standing water; the crabs frequently visit the brackish waters of the lagoon (Niaussat and Ehrhardt, 1971). iv. Gecarcoidea. Two species are found in the Indo-Pacific (Fig. 7); see Turkay (1974) for details of distribution. G. lalandei H. Milne Edwards. Indo-West Pacific islands from the Andaman Islands eastward. Red Sea (Holthuis, 1977). G. natalis (Pocock). Christmas Island (Indian Ocean), Cocos Islands. The ecology of Gecarcoidea is rather similar to that of Gecarcinus.

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