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By Jon Lake

In-built huge numbers within the years best as much as international conflict II (1939-1945), Bristol's Blenheim observed use as either a fighter and bomber due to its excessive pace relating to the biplane varieties it was once then changing. apart from its paintings because the staple medium RAF bomber from 1939 via to 1942, Belnheims additionally served as pioneer radar-equipped nightfighters in 1940/41 and long-range patrol plane with Coastal Command. out of date in Europe through the top of 1940, the Belnheim endured to function a frontline bomber in North Africa, the Mediterranean and the a ways East good into 1943.

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The British tested the M85 as the XL17E1 and XL17E2, fitted with special barrels, as ranging guns on tanks. 50-cal GAU-19/A. This three-barrel rotary machine gun is far too heavy to be an effective replacement for the M2. One of the hazards of these high-speed rotary guns is that tiny fragments of the cases are ejected during firing. 62mm M134 rotary Minigun, for fixed and flexible mounting on helicopters. Both of these weapons are electrically operated Gatling-type guns. The GAU-19/A (aka GECAL 50) has three barrels – developmental versions had six, being scaled-up Miniguns, but these were reduced to three to make the weight more manageable.

With armored divisions, a mixed 40mm and quad-fifty battery was normally attached to each of the two or three combat commands, while in infantry divisions a battery was attached to each of the three infantry regiments, with platoons and sections attached to battalions. They were not always available, though, being much in demand for rear-area air defense. When they were available, they proved to be quite valuable in fast-moving offensives and pursuits. The use of twin- and quad-fifties, and the individual guns, in the support role was both invaluable and commonplace.

It weighed 370lb. 75-degree elevation. When the gun was fitted on these mounts, the receiver’s back plate with the spade grips and trigger was replaced by a special plate with a lever-type trigger. The gunner aimed the gun by moving the back rest with his body. 25in shields were provided, one on the upper part of the pedestal (this traversed with the gun) and the other fitted on the gun itself. These shields together weighed 118lb. The gun was 49in above the ground and the sights 74in. For semipermanent installation, the legs were removed and a 52lb pedestal base fitted, which could be bolted to a concrete or timber base.

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